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Extensive preparation to the exterior surfaces of the home is required.

We tape window areas.

Lee's Pro Painters provide detailed exterior surface preparation, high quality materials, expert paint application and complete job clean-up. We pressure wash and scrape off any flaking paint before we start painting to ensure a quality paint job. We inspect for wood rot and damage and let you know what we have found that needs to be repaired.

We cover and tape exterior lamps.

We then repair the damage as necessary to make your home ready for painting. We then prepare the exterior surfaces by filling crack and holes with caulk and apply a primer where needed. By doing the needed preparation we make sure the finished product is high quality and long lasting! We guarantee your satisfaction!

Hand-brush all woodwork, like windows, door frames

Extensive preparation to the exterior surfaces of the home is required when considering the desired results of exterior painting. While spray painting the exterior surface is appropriate, some home owners consider brush exterior painting for a lustrous, rich finish that is hand applied by a exterior painting professional






     The simpler your house, the fewer colors you'll need. For an elaborate Victorian, plan to use four to six colors.


     - Light colors will make your house seem larger. Dark colors or bands of trim will make your house seem smaller,

        but will draw more attention to details.

   - For some accents, consider using darker or lighter shades instead of changing color


     Avoid extreme contrasts. Choose colors that are related.

    - Study color samples outside, but never in direct sunlight. Bright sun will distort.









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